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Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes is an eminent sales leader and motivational speaker with 35 years of experience in corporate and sales leadership roles across the Asia-Pacific region.

Known for his exceptional results as a salesperson, head of sales, and CEO, Tony has earned significant acclaim in the field. He is a best-selling author, consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, highly sought after for his expertise in sales and leadership. Recognised for his contributions, Tony has been ranked the #1 sales blogger globally and is a top 3 sales expert and thought leader on LinkedIn.

He is also the most-read person on the topic of B2B selling on LinkedIn, with over 500,000 blog followers.

His books, including "The Joshua Principle – Leadership Secrets of Selling", "COMBO Prospecting", and "Tech-Powered Sales", have been widely acclaimed. Tony is renowned for presenting at conferences and working with prominent brands such as Salesforce, Grant Thornton, and IBM.

His keynote topics cover various aspects of sales and leadership, including the future of selling, resilience, self-leadership, and creating a customer-centric culture. These topics align well with the needs of conference organisers and corporate event planners seeking to inspire and educate their teams.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Tony Hughes prior to the event, and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind​​.