Sarah McGuiness

Sarah McGuinness is a renowned wellbeing expert, Founder and CEO of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW), and a passionate advocate for mental health.

With a strong background in psychology and communication, she combines her expertise in health behaviour with over 15 years of corporate experience to support leaders in enhancing the wellbeing of their organisations.

Through ROW, Sarah provides leaders with practical tools, resources, and a community of peers to drive positive change in the workplace. She has worked with well-known companies such as Sealord, nib, and Mitre 10, helping them improve employee wellbeing and cultivate a healthy work environment.

Drawing from her personal experiences with burnout, anxiety, and fibromyalgia, Sarah is committed to reducing stigma and fostering open, constructive conversations around mental health. Her dedication to wellbeing and mental health advocacy has led her to be featured in various media outlets, including NBR, Newshub/TV3, and RNZ.

As a speaker, Sarah shares her insights and knowledge on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, empowering leaders to create supportive and thriving environments for their employees. Her passion for mental health and wellbeing, combined with her expertise and engaging presence, make Sarah McGuinness an invaluable resource for organisations looking to prioritise the health and happiness of their teams.