Mike Brunel

Meet Mike Brunel - The Authentic Sales Sage

Elevate your sales team's potential with the wisdom and expertise of Mike Brunel, a renowned sales authority known for his authentic and sage-like approach. As part of our suite of services, Mike offers a unique blend of motivational coaching and practical sales strategies, tailored to inspire belief and excellence in sales teams.

What Mike Offers:

  • Group Coaching: Specialised online coaching for small groups (6-50 members) within the same company, focusing on cultivating a collaborative and skill-enhancing environment.

  • Motivational Talks: Engaging and insightful one-off talks for larger groups, perfect for companies needing a boost in sales morale and direction.

  • Sales Mastery: Expert guidance on objection handling, effective presentation techniques, and initiating impactful sales conversations.

Why Choose Mike Brunel?

  • Extensive Experience: With a rich background in direct sales, particularly in the media industry, Mike brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to his coaching.

  • Authentic Mentorship: Known for his genuine, mentor-like demeanour, Mike connects with sales teams on a deeper level, fostering a learning environment that's both supportive and challenging.

  • Modern Yet Timeless: Combining traditional sales wisdom with the latest trends and techniques, he ensures your sales approach remains both relevant and grounded.

Transform Your Sales Team: Under Mike's guidance, your sales team will not only learn how to sell more effectively but also come to appreciate the art and science of sales. His approach isn't just about numbers; it's about cultivating a sales mindset that values authenticity, relationship-building, and continual growth.

Bring Mike Brunel onboard and watch your sales team transform into a more confident, skilled, and motivated unit. For a partnership that transcends the ordinary and delivers exceptional results, Mike Brunel is your go-to sales coach.