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Wade Jackson

Wade Jackson is a speaker, author and high performance coach.

He speaks on topics such as self-leadership, resilience & well-being, collaborative creativity & innovation, storytelling & communication. As a double world champion improv comedian and the founder of renowned brands such as The Improv Bandits and the Covert Theatre, Wade brings a lot of fun and laughter to his work. He teaches the science of human behaviour through play and his presentations are always fun, engaging and enlightening.

Wade is the author of the best selling books Jolt Challenge, Stories at Work and Making It Easy that endorsed by world leading thinkers such as Edward de Bono and Stephen Covey. He is the creator of Mind Dojo, the resilience App that is used around the world.

Wade holds postgraduate qualifications in both Drama and Health Science and he brings an academic robustness to everything he does. He has worked on four continents, across a number of industries with thousands of people ranging from CEOs, senior executive teams, governments, universities, militaries, elite athletes, and not-for-profit organisations.

Wade makes learning fun and always offers practical methods and tools that people can put into practice to create immediate change.

Topic Titles/Synopsis:

Business: Beyond High Performance

How to constantly and consistently be your best at both work and home. Learn the 7 characteristics of high performing teams.

Business: Organisational Storytelling & Communication

How to engage hearts and minds, influence and inspire others through the power of story.

Business: Make it Easy

How to stand at the front of the room and get your message across with ease.

Business: Build it and They Will Come

How Wade was able to build an improv theatre during a global pandemic and it not only survive but thrive - an entrepreneurial tale like no other!

Motivation: Personal Leadership & Transformation

How to connect with yourself at the deepest level, to find your voice and live a life of meaning.

Motivation: Improv Your Life

How the principles of improvisation and play can liberate you and

enhance your life.

Well-being: Resilience & Well-Being

How to deal with the curve balls life throws at you and be able to rise

to any challenge.

Innovation: Collaborative Creativity

How to flex your creative muscle and work with others so innovation

becomes the norm.

Innovation: Connection & Belonging

How to create a psychologically safe environment so people can

bring their full selves to work and enhance the sense of belonging.


“If you are looking for a presenter with passion and fun, while delivering a serious message, then Wade would be my choice.”

Tony Falkenstein - CEO, Just Water International

"Wade has an incredible ability to connect with people from the heart and the head. He doesn't demand peak performance but rather offers it as something irresistible and attainable. What more can you want from a coach but someone who teaches you while completely engaging you"

Claudia Batten - Winner of the World Class NZ Supreme Award

"Wade Jackson is an outstanding presenter. He has relevant, fresh, interesting thinking that speaks to the zeitgeist and supports this with great, compelling research and sound thinking. I have seen only a few people, in my 30 year career, who can energise, entertain, inform and illuminate very busy groups of people in the way that Wade can"

Chris Till - CEO Human Resources Institute of New Zealand