Motivational | Business

Julia Vahry

High energy, fun, a little confrontational, and brilliantly insightful, Julia is an unexpected breath of fresh air.

After nearly a decade as a sworn police officer in the New Zealand Police, Julia never takes herself too seriously. Julia tells tales of resilience, perspective, and the acceptance of failures and confrontation - of her own and others.

Having been underestimated and stereotyped her entire life, Julia shares how she was able to challenge preconceived biases, succeed in the most toxic of environments and deliver exceptional outcomes, despite all of this. Julia is proof that we aren’t always what we seem on the outside.

Highlighting that even in the toughest times there is beauty and opportunity - Julia is able to navigate through life’s challenges. 

Julia’s story is deep and inspiring. Julia is influential and is able to share her vision with others to collectively execute great outcomes. Julia understands the importance of role modelling the right behaviours and just getting on with it.

Julia is sought after as a speaker, entertainer, and provocateur. Julia has spoken at high profile events, team building away days and has also featured nationally on television, radio, and several podcasts. She is often called on for her expert opinion.

A Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year local hero medalist, with multiple awards for community service and achievements in business and governance Julia not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.

Julia’s transition from bike mechanic, to ski bum, police officer to owning an award winning business will motivate, enlighten and showcase how everyone can achieve success, however they define it. 

In Julia’s opinion, perspective is everything, positive perspective is what provides resilience.