Cooper Chapman

Cooper Chapman isn't just a name in the world of professional surfing; he's a beacon of inspiration, guiding countless individuals towards bettering their wellbeing by aligning with their core values and true purpose.

Having spent a decade riding waves globally, Cooper's prowess has not only landed him multiple opportunities to represent Australia but has also earned him a consistent spot among the world's top 100 surfers for seven consecutive years. With aspirations of clinching the world champion title, he continues to chase waves and dreams.

However, it's not just the ocean's waves that Cooper has navigated. Recognising the challenges of mental health that many face, he felt a calling, especially in light of the increasing suicide rates among the young.

This was deeply personal; witnessing his sister grapple with the loss of two friends to suicide within a short span spurred the inception of The Good Human Factory (TGHF), his mental health initiative.

Cooper's mission is transparent: to uplift and empower. Harnessing the strength of his personal journey, he offers his community invaluable tools for personal growth, emphasising the significance of reflection, storytelling, connectivity, and learning. He advocates for a life adorned with gratitude, mindfulness, accountability, kindness, and empathy. Cooper's voice further echoes through his podcast, "Good Humans," where he engages with prominent personalities, unraveling tales of resilience that have reached over 100,000 listeners in just a year.

Beyond the waves and the microphone, Cooper channels his skills into mentoring the next generation. For half a decade, he's been at the helm of surf camps, guiding enthusiastic learners. Moreover, his mental health workshops, grounded in the philosophy of living in tune with one's core values, have reached over 2,500 students and 500 corporate professionals, solidifying his commitment to fostering a mentally resilient and value-driven community.