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Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey

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Mental Health and Wellbeing


Cliff Harvey is a registered clinical nutritionist and naturopath. He has been coaching people ranging from world champion athletes through to the chronically and acutely unwell to perform at their best, since the 1990s.

Cliff was one of the first practitioners in Australasia to start working with low-carb and ketogenic diets in the late 1990s and has pioneered their use in this part of the word. He now focuses mostly on teaching and research, especially in helping people determine the correct diet for their body and lifestyle.

Cliff’s early research work centred on mind-body healthcare in clinical practice. His further master’s research focussed on the use of medium chain triglycerides to mitigate keto-flu and encourage faster induction of ketosis, and his PhD research is focussed on identifying markers of carbohydrate tolerance.

He is the founder of the Holistic Performance Institute, a private post-tertiary college, Nutrition Store Online, a distributor of quality health and performance supplements, and a co-founder of Nuzest, a global supplement company.

Cliff is the author of seven books including the The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet, Time Rich, Cash Optional and the upcoming Carb-Appropriate 101.

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