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Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner



I've known Duncan for many years now, and regard him as a good mate, like many of the people we represent at Essential Talent.

He's a fiercely competitive person, who loves his politics, and his sport. I can recall sitting next to him at a game of rugby in the Waikato and he commentated the entire game for me :)

Duncan is an award winning TV host, journalist, and radio personality

I can recall when Paul Henry left Three, that many people doubted how Duncan would go following such a class act. Well, he's actually blitzed Paul's ratings.

As a keynote speaker, he is brilliant - whether it's for a conference or special event.

What makes Duncan unique is that he can talk on virtually any topic. He takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride. There's always laughter - that's given - but he also gets you thinking on the hot topics of the day.

Like, me, he is a huge supporter of Mike King and the Key to Life Charitable Trust.

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