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Jehan Casinader

Jehan Casinader

Mental Health
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Mental Health & Wellbeing
Mental Health and Wellbeing


Each of us has a story about who we are. But where do those stories come from? How do our stories influence our mental health? And how can we tell more helpful, hopeful stories – especially as we navigate Covid-19?

Jehan Casinader has wrestled with these questions. He’s one of New Zealand’s top TV journalists – and a survivor of severe depression.

For over a decade, Jehan has been a familiar face in primetime, fronting TVNZ’s flagship shows, including Breakfast, Seven Sharp and Sunday.

But while he was reporting from the scene of the Christchurch terror attack or interviewing the Prime Minister, viewers had no idea that Jehan was in the grip of a crippling battle with depression – and it almost destroyed him.

Now, he is sharing the incredible story of how he recovered, and how the power of storytelling helped him to survive. In his popular keynote presentations, Jehan offers a fresh, innovative and challenging perspective on how good storytelling can improve our wellbeing, productivity and relationships.

A born communicator with an ability to connect with Kiwis from every walk of life, Jehan will give your audience practical tools to rewrite their own story, and help them to view mental health in a whole new light. 

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