Dan Haesler

Dan Haesler is a coach whose work focuses on creating happier, healthier and higher performance.

He works with people in order to help them, and the people around them to thrive, professionally and personally.

Dan's clients include elite athletes and Olympians, as well as corporate and educational leaders.

Dan's book, The Act of Leadership has topped the Australian Business book charts (perhaps because it's about people not business) and has been described by James Kerr, the best-selling author of Legacy as a book that will, “Change your life” and by Richard Ryan one of the world’s foremost behaviour scientists as a book that leaders will “deeply appreciate” as it is a “No nonsense, plain talking guide to modern leadership that draws from the best and most current sources in psychology and management sciences."

He regularly presents alongside industry leaders, Olympians, Oscar winners and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama on topics of leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance. His Habits of Leadership podcast is one of Australia's most popular Leadership & Management podcasts and sees Dan chat with the world's leading experts in their field.

Before moving to Australia, Dan was also once identified, on national TV, as the UK’s worst housemate.