Dave Wood, a leading motivational speaker and human performance specialist from New Zealand, offers an invigorating and transformative experience for attendees at corporate events and conferences.

His journey from an ambitionless high school student to a world-renowned expert in human performance is both inspiring and instructive. Dave's career path has been diverse and challenging. He began as a lifeguard, traveling the globe, then returned to study and became an intensive care paramedic, all while battling a debilitating hip injury​​.

In his roles as an Intensive Care Paramedic and Professional Ocean Lifeguard, Dave acquired critical skills in stress mitigation and maintaining calm under high-pressure situations​​. His personal health journey, overcoming debilitating pain through self-developed methods, adds a unique and personal touch to his narratives, emphasising the importance of radical ownership of physical and mental health​​.

Dave's expertise extends beyond healthcare; he runs a successful business in human performance, mentoring elite athletes across various sports, including UFC, sailing, and football. His client list boasts names like Israel Adesanya and teams such as Emirates Team New Zealand and SailGP New Zealand​​. His recent role as Israel Adesanya’s breathing and mindset coach highlights his significant impact in the world of elite sports​​. This transformation, fuelled by his failed attempts at traditional rehab, led to the development of his integrated training approach, now applied to top athletes and corporate professionals​​.

His approach to human performance is not limited to sports; he has worked with diverse professionals, including lawyers, firefighters, navy personnel, and web designers, demonstrating the universal applicability of his techniques​​. In his talks, Dave shares real-world examples and travel stories that are not only educational but also deeply engaging and relatable​​.

Dave Wood's session, lasting 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A, promises to be a compelling addition to your event. Essential Talent ensures thorough preparation with a prep call before the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for your peace of mind.