Economics & Economists

Get ahead in 2024 with Essential Talent's keynote speakers. With New Zealand's inflation at a critical 5.6% and mortgage rates shifting, our experts provide the latest economic insights and forecasts. Discover strategies to navigate these changes for your business's financial success. Essential Talent connects you with leading economic minds for actionable advice and growth opportunities


  1. Global Economics:
    Understand the nuances of global trade and financial markets.

  2. Local Economy:
    Discover the economic forces shaping New Zealand and the broader Australasian region.

  3. Financial Planning:
    Gain expert advice on sustainable fiscal strategies and investment.


  • How can an economist benefit my event?
    Economists can offer in-depth analysis that can steer business strategies.

  • Do your speakers cover both macro and microeconomics?
    Yes, our range covers all facets of economics.

  • What's the booking process?
    Contact our team for personalised recommendations.