Motivational | Wellbeing

Ellen Joan Nelson

Dr. Ellen Joan Nelson is a multifaceted ex-army academic business mum with a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership, well-being, and the future of work.

Her background in the NZ Army, both domestically and abroad, has given her a unique perspective on authentic and embodied leadership, emphasising the physical aspects of leadership.

As a champion for well-being, Dr. Nelson focuses on social well-being, ensuring individuals feel accepted, integrated, and valued while providing consistency and clarity in social rules, enabling them to work towards their potential. Her commitment to inclusion, belonging, equity, and diversity aligns seamlessly with her well-being approach.

Drawing from her experiences as a woman in male-dominated organisations, Dr. Nelson offers valuable insights and recommendations for fostering positive change. She is also dedicated to exploring the future construct of work, emphasising the need for organisations to mitigate risks and adapt to changing environments for the benefit of both staff and society.

With her extensive expertise, Dr. Ellen Joan Nelson is an exceptional speaker who can inspire audiences on a range of topics, from authentic leadership to the future of work and well-being.